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Some rocks and pebbles on the sea shore may be precious stones, including agate, jasper ... and quartz.

But precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds are very rare
They can be found in mines, deep valleys, and areas where volcanoes are found.

It is said that sea gemstones are more spiritual ... due to the presence of organic impurities in them ... such as:
Moss agate. Petrified wood. Amber ..

While searching for gems on the beach, we must bring the following tools with us
  • A sledgehammer to break the stone and ensure its internal structure
  • A piece of glass and a steel nail to scratch and find out the hardness of the stone
  • Magnet (the stone attracted by a magnet)
  • Magnifying glass to view stone details accurately
  • UV Light (a stone that glows with UV rays)
These tools make sure that gemstone or limestone is common for aquariums

The sand may cover a large proportion of the gem ... It's okay to dig a little in the sand
The most places where there are sea stones (New Zealand Beach).

On the beach there are pieces of colored glass due to the movement of the waves and the sand transformed into a polished shape resembling precious stones.
The best way to check them is by trying to break them, as they can easily turn into shrapnel. The gemstone is hard to break.

See the illustrations below for more information and details
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