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The insight stone ... in English Iolite has another name for cordierite.
A multi-colored stone, the most famous of which is blue-violet and honey-brown ...
Blue is called the water sapphire and it is a compass.Vikings] ... because of its usefulness in determining the direction of the sun on cloudy days ..
Sourced from Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania ..
It has a chemical composition ... a small percentage of iron, so it is attracted by a strong magnet..

Its hardness is equivalent to that of quartz (7 seven)
They believed in ancient times that it treats:
It helps in enhancing mental and spiritual capabilities
Calms the brain
Activates the food combustion process
Treats sleep disorders
For contemplation ... he elevates its owner to higher levels of spirituality
It symbolizes enlightenment and intellect
Linked to religious belief
An electrical charge is generated in the wearer's surroundings that broadens the perception of the wearer
Pair it with aquamarine and citrine when it comes to money
It helps to bear the reality when a person has large financial responsibilities
It can be placed inside the home or office to support private activities and projects
Relieves headaches and helps treat breathing problems
It is the best stone when it comes to spiritual healing ... and meditation ..

  • أيوليت
  • أيوليت
  • أيوليت
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  • مسبحة أيوليت
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