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Prehistoric people resorted to relying on defensive means to overcome their fear of some natural phenomena

Some of them were manifested in magic rituals and incantations, the most prominent of which was the giving of some super-powers to solid stones of beautiful and bright colors.

Where he carried amulets and mourners to make him feel protected, safe and away from danger ... and the art of engraving on stones appeared..

Seals have been found in our Arab region since the fourth millennium B.C. [Millennium 4 B.C.] ..

The precious stones were a factor of communication between peoples and countries

And turquoise was extracted from Sinai

And lapis lazuli from Afghanistan

And sapphire from India

And pearls from the Arabian Gulf

And coral from the Red Sea

All these stones and jewels were found ... in monuments and cemeteries (Assyrians] And[The Sumerians]..And[Babylonians] ... and the Armenians ... and [The Phoenicians] ... and the Egyptians. .

And from them I moved to the Persians. And Greece .. and the Romans .. who studied precious stones scientifically ..

Since the stone ages, humans have benefited from precious stones

They have used [Flint] For the manufacture of battle tools ... and for engraving on the walls..

They used beautiful stones as ornaments...

In ancient prehistoric caves, archaeologists discovered amber or amber..

They found jewelry, bracelets from the [Obsidian (precious stone)] the black

Gold was the monopoly of kings and gods

Common people use copper and bronze alloys ..

One of the most famous stones is BC..

Agate ... chalcedony ... amber or amber ... jasper ... rock crystal ... sapphire ... emerald ... coral ...

Ago [Sixth century B.C.Carved gemstones began arriving from Greece to Italy.

in a [Roman eraThe seal became a common ornament when only the nobles could carry it first

When the battles ended, they would collect the rings and seals from the bodies of the dead, to know the number and ranks of the dead nobles.

In the year 85 BC it was founded in [Rome] First occupied gemstone complex

Since those ancient times, they knew constant coloring ... and imitation of precious gemstones by means of stained glass

These are pictures of some ancient gemstones:

  • عقيق قديم
  • زمرد قديم
  • فضة وفيروز
  • اسوارة جاد قبل الميلاد
  • قلادة جاد قبل الميلاد
  • جاد قبل الميلاد - التيبت
  • فضة وجاسبر
  • كهرمان عنبر
  • ياقوت قديم
  • كالسدوني قديم
  • زجاج ملون قديم