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Lemon yellow orange stone
Success stone..Violet amethyst stone by heating and heat treatment turns into citrine, and this is cheating..
It is a delightful stone that is said to bring good luck
It was used by the Greeks 3000 BC...
It is said that citrine never absorbs negative energies but rather disperses them away from the body, expelling them ..
It is said that it emits rays that help and treat diseases of the heart, liver and endocrine glands ... and enhance endurance
The processing piece of citrine should be large and raw, untreated ...
Citrine is said to enhance connection with positive forces around a person.
If it is one meter away from the person, it will not affect him...
It is said that just by wearing citrine, you will notice that your thoughts turn into positive ones...
And it is said that citrine gives its bearer the feeling of the power of God .. so the soul is reassured...
It is said to ignite a light in the spiritual life and magnify good intentions
Best worn on the right side
Citrine does not need to be cleaned or charged because it does not absorb negative energy ... it expels it, dispels it ... and brings positive energies.
It is said to free the owners of money from the complex of greed and the pathological attachment to money
The appropriate place to put citrine for the benefit of it is at home in the southeast corner .. It is preferable to be exposed to light and not to the sun
Citrine is the energy of fire and light

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