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The ancient people used to cut pearls into small pieces and take it orally and believe it makes them dispense with food

Pearl expresses the beautiful feeling of purity and is a symbol of purity and innocence

Pearl comes from the hand of nature ready, complete and beautiful as a flower (a beautiful gift from God)

The other gemstones are treated, polished, and worked to become beautiful

Pearls are examined using x-rays

Pearls live their normal lives for a certain period of time and then dissolve and wear out

Pearl sources:

  • The Arabian Gulf
  • [Ceylon
  • India
  • The coasts of China and Japan
  • In Africa, very little

Large and precious pearls are found in the deep sea

Perforated pearls are not suitable for medicine, so non-pierced pearls should be used

It is said that the taste of pearls tends to be salty, sweet and cold, and it benefits the liver and cures deafness

The black pearl brings wealth and money and the honey pearl enhances understanding

And white pearl attracts fame, and blue pearl foretells good luck

And they are made of pearl powder

Pearl softens moisture

The King of France has been treated [Charles VI] Year 1422 AD with pearl powder mixed with distilled water

Governor has been addressed [Florence] Of fever with crushed marine pearl

And in the past, mother-of-pearl was used to treat fractures and distortions

Mother-of-pearl is on the inside of the shell, resembling a rainbow color (iridescent that shines brightly)

Although pearl is the least hard natural material, it is not subject to breakage, shatter and fragmentation

If we put on pearl wood and hit it with a hammer, it sinks into the wood like a nail and does not break

Sunlight whitens pearls

The pearls are kept in a piece of linen, with blotting paper, and everyone is wrapped in paraffin (tarpaulin) paper, which prevents moisture evaporation, and is placed in a wooden box

Some of the most famous pearls throughout history:

  • Pearl [Cleopatra]: She shaved one of this throat she melted and drank
  • The pearl of King Fayrouz (one of the kings of Persia): He wore it in his right ear
  • The Moscow Pearl in 1840 AD (among the imperial treasures): its owner, the king, would put it in a box and wrap it in silk cloth

When he died, it was in his hand and was pulled from between his hardened fingers.

Pearls were found in the tombs of kings that had lost their luster and were almost destroyed and crumbled

The inner structure of the pearl is completely similar to onions and similar to cabbage (thin successive plates).

Pearls were used in binding religious holy books:

  • A monk who made thirty commoners studded and decorated the leather of a Bible with gold, pearls and precious stones

According to the sources, only the Hindus used the pearl amulet when they claimed that it was used to prolong life and prosperity. They also used a sacred hymn to it that says:

From the wind I was born, and from the air, lightning and light

May this pearl amulet, born of gold, protect us

And to keep adversity and distress from us

With the pearl amulet we conquer disease and kill poverty

We defeated sadness and devastation

Serendipity is our comprehensive medicine

And the pearl will protect us from adversity

You were born from the moon

You are a brilliant twinkle

Taoists (religion)TaoismThe Sufis, in their quest for immortality, made the abundance of pearls an important component in the equation of perpetuating youth