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The ancients used to hang it near the chest to remove ailments and pains that afflicted the lung,

And they believed that wearing it in the form of a necklace preserves a woman's chastity, and wearing it at night helps in deep sleep,

Suitable for Sagittarians.

If he wears topaz with him, he increases the activity of the positive forces in him.

The ancients believed:

It helps to gain wealth, solve problems easily, protect against evils and magic, improve digestion, and eliminate fatigue

It enhances the strength of concentration, eliminates fears and negativity, helps relaxation, treats fever, paralysis, and bone and nerve diseases


Wearing blue sapphire that has blemishes may lead to health problems and be negative

And the ancient sages say:

A person should watch himself wearing blue sapphire if he feels any problems he should not wear it

Or put it under the pillow for three nights if there is any bad effect it should not be worn

Any gemstone must be worn for a trial period to ascertain whether the stone will do harm or bring benefit and happiness

Sapphire should be encrusted with gold, iron, or one of the seven metals

It is worn on the middle finger on the right side and on the Sabbath after the appearance of the stars, and it must weigh more than 5 carats (less than 5 carats does not affect him)

It should not be heat treated or chemically treated, preferably unpolished ore

Opaque dark stones do not have a good effect in spiritual or astrological terms

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