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The fascination with precious stones is not limited to their attractive bright colors and hardness, but there are other reasons that lie in the human subconscious,

It gives it a special prestige.

What are the reasons for the ancient human attachment to precious stones?

  • Its beauty and attractiveness
  • It has magical spiritual powers
  • This attachment has been passed down through the generations for thousands of years

Modern scientific logic prevents us from accepting the spiritual influence that prevailed in bygone eras,

Although in fact the sparkling clear gemstones still make the heart beat faster involuntarily just as the eye falls on them,

And its effect on modifying personal and health features.

Civilizations most admired gemstones:

  • [Pharaohs]
  • [The Sumerians
  • Chaldeans
  • Indian Civilizations
  • Ancient Chinese civilizations

All cultures have treated gemstones as sacred tools representing sources of some exceptional genetic strength.

All the priests, the Magi, the wise men, the philosophers, the clairvoyants, the astronomical forecasters, and the alchemists have found in precious stones things and properties.

We cannot comprehend it in our current era, and they said that every precious stone possesses a certain astronomical harmony and has distinctive special effects,

And its activity is activated in specific periods of time and according to certain conditions,

There is a rationale for the ancient beliefs that stones have effects on humans but are still unable to be explained and comprehended

So skeptics take this spiritual influence with mockery.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century many exciting experiments were being conducted about the true effects of gemstones.

For these experiences, they used delicate people who were highly sensitive to the hidden energies that God placed in these stones

And other than his creation that the average person is unable to comprehend.

From some experiences on a sensitive and sensitive woman after her eyes were blocked, they put different types of stones in her hand and await the feelings she feels

Or what happened to her.

When they put granite and flint stones in her hand, she did not feel any sensation or effect whatsoever.

But after they put the high-quality "fluorspar" stone, the muscles relaxed and she developed some kind of diarrhea and felt a bitter taste in her mouth.

And when they put a stone made of barium sulfate, it stimulated the muscles and generated heat in her body,

And when they applied the "alotherrite", which is barium carbonate, her fun feeling evolved into laughter.

And the strongest effects, according to experiments, the "Hamitic" stone causes a kind of paralysis..

With a feeling of internal shivering (this effect is not general to every human being that occurs with some bodies sensitive to metaphysical forces)

Ancient archaeological evidence and manuscripts reveal that this science was widely circulated among the Sumerians (Babylon civilization).

He found stone talismans and talismans that protect from various evils,

There are Chinese traditions recommend the use of gemstones for different purposes, including protection from evil and different healing purposes.

And many ancient civilizations believed that.

But now there are no meaningful references on which researchers can rely on the effect of precious stones.